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Saturday, August 16, 2014

the cat's out of the bag...

i've come to realize that my blog has been a bit neglected.  (haha) like exactly a full calendar year, neglected. it's safe to say its been a really hectic year and blogging wasn't a part of it.  we've had lots of excitement, stress, change and accomplishments for us both, and now we have even bigger things ahead of us...

here's the summary:

we saw the ocean for the first time together.
we set our wedding date of 09/12/15.
we celebrated our 4 year anniversary.
i set a company record for a 26 month sales streak.
mark earned his bachelors degree from ohio university. (!)
we endured crazy amounts of work stress.
we saw the ocean for the second time together.
i met my idol Tori Amos.
we were lucky to spend our summer feeding rhinos & giraffes. 

and now...

we are ecstatic to have the love and support from our family & friends and are so excited to start a new life in a (tropical) new place.

we're able to finish up all obligations here in the next six months and hope to see as many people and do as many things in ohio as possible before we go.  of course we are nervous, and excited and NERVOUS, and did i mention we are EXCITED!!!  our florida wedding just became a lot less destination for us.  we look forward to this fresh start together!

you can follow us as we share our experience along the way. (check back)

for now you can enjoy these images from the past year that lead to this new adventure!

it's been an amazing year!  
we hope to see as many of you as we can before we head south and we REALLY hope to have you all visit once we get settled!  more details to come so stay tuned and wish us luck!  

peace & love
brittany & mark

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

mother earth you amaze me.

i have officially been a resident of columbus, ohio for 5 years now.  (wow)

over these years i have discovered plenty of places i love in and around the city- but until this past summer i had never realized how wonderful the hocking hills and wayne national forrest really were.  i made several trips to old mans cave, cedar falls and ash cave as well as canoeing down the hocking river.  its amazing to have such a place only an hour away!! 

mark was part of an archeological field school and practically spent his entire summer semester out exploring these beautiful areas.  

sunshine, fresh air, nature at its finest!  
and duh! we have took a lot of photos of our adventures.  enjoy!

sometimes ohio... you really are kind of great!